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Paraphillia: The Scarfed Tengu
Chapter 3

“Day 3
  I have managed to find someone who’s able to go against the sword wielding thief. Her name is Arima, a barefoot woman with a sunset skirt and purple hair. She did manage to defeat the giant bird, Windgate, a time ago. She’s just as nimble as the thief, or maybe even more nimble. Arima managed to defeat the thief with one kick and caused him to retreat. Maybe it’s because he knew that Arima is too great to go against. Though-”, Carol said to herself as she’s typing the words she spoke, recounting what happened last night at her home.

  Meanwhile, at the town café, Net and Lawana are once again hanging out, without Carol interfering due to being busy. “Finally, we can actually had some time to relax here with no one interrupting us”, Lawana said, “Also, please don’t say it’s a date. We’re still best buds”.

  Net sighed, “Yeah. Anyway, Arima told me that she actually battled the thief, but then the thief ran off”.

  “But she managed to get the thief to tell her his intentions? Why he stole those stuff and why bring them back the next morning?”, Lawana said, “And that sounds weird too. A thief that brings back stuff to their owners, that seems like a contradiction. And this thief has been doing this for a few days so… yeah, I’m confused right now”.

   While the two were talking, a blue haired girl entered the café. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt, orange shorts, and red sandals. She then overhears Net, “-also  Arima thought the same thing too about tha-“.

  The girl then interrupted Net and became gleeful, “Oh, that’s the name of the person that fought the thief?”.

  “Um… yeah”, Net said, with a somewhat surprised look from the girl’s sudden urge to join the conversation.

   “Oh! She sounds amazing! She goes barefoot too, right? Sunset skirt? Purple hair?”, the girl said. Net simply nodded, perplexed that she actually got Arima’s major appearance traits. “Sorry, it’s just that… well… I have a foot fetish. Name’s Zephyris by the way. I should’ve introduced myself to you first”.

   “Look out Net, you got competition”, Lawana said, teasing Net.

   “Aw quiet you”, Net giggled.

   “Arima is such a great fighter. I’d like to fight her again sometime”, Zephyris said, still in a gleeful personality.

    “Uh… ‘Again’? You fought her before?”, Net asked.

   “Oh! Well, I… uh… I did imagine myself fighting her in my thoughts. I guess it can count as the first time, right? Hahaha…”, Zephyris said, blushing.

   “Um, okay…”, Net replied.
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